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THe kitchen table

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The heart of the kitchen

The Langford kitchen table is an opportunity to experience what goes on in the heart of the kitchen; to watch Olly and the team at work and to ask questions on provenance of food and to observe different cooking techniques.

We offer a 5-course menu set menu

as with all our dishes we are lead by the seasons

£55 per person

Please Note

The table is set in the corner of the kitchen in full view of the stove and pass; it can get quite warm warm, especially in the summer, so it's an idea to wear a removable layer.

The KT is ideal for two  people, four at a squeeze; 

please don't ask us to fit any more in, it's not physically possible. 

Only available in the evenings and must be pre-booked. 

Strict dietary requirements may prevent participation, 

so please do check beforehand.

The heart of the operation


7.30pm arrival at Langford Fivehead

On arrival pre-dinner drinks and nibbles are served, as usual, in the lounge or on the terrace; giving you the opportunity to choose wine and relax into the evening

After 15 minutes or so, we will invite you to move through to the kitchen to be seated and chat with Olly about any strong food dislikes; whilst we are not able to entertain all your minor preferences, will endeavour not to serve something that makes you stomach turn at the thought!

Olly and the team will then proceed to serve you a five course meal and answer any questions you may have about cooking methods and produce.

Coffee and petit fours are then served in the lounge when you are ready.

£55.00 per person to include 5-courses and coffee